Who We Are?

Next Chapter Property Solutions was launched out of the sincere desire to help families facing difficult financial circumstances involving real estate. Our goal is to help our clients to achieve financial stability through real estate, whether that means liquidating real estate as a means to afford the necessary things to move forward in life or investing in real estate as a way to secure your future by creating passive income. We strive to uplift the people we work with.

What Makes Us Different?

You’ve probably come across tons of investors who will promise to buy your house for cash. You might even also have a stack of unopened mail from those same investors. We’re different because we care. We spend most of our time with our clients getting to know them as people and understanding the sensitive challenges that they are facing. Many of our clients stay in touch with us long after they’ve sold us their house because we’ve formed that strong of a relationship.

We’re also different because we are the only real estate investing firm that specializes in buying properties with delinquent reverse mortgages. We are experts in this area that most other investors stay away from.

In all reality, the product that we sell is relief. Relief from the stress and heartache that comes with being trapped in a situation you absolutely need to get out of. We listen and we craft solutions specifically tailored to what you need. Not the one-size-fits all model that other investors use.

Who We Help?

We serve clients with properties in Washington, DC, Prince George’s County Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We care about building strong relationships. We take the time to speak with each client to determine their needs, their why, and the specific solution that would be most helpful to them. We help individuals and families who are in distress and need to sell a property fast. That could be due to foreclosure, severely delinquent property taxes, illness or death, divorce, relocation, and probate or inheritance situations. We provide carefully thought out solutions for people facing life challenges that are made more difficult due to burdensome real estate.

You may have seen advertisements for “We Buy Houses” and called them only to find out they offered one solution and it was not in your best interest. We are not a one-size-fits all company. After speaking with you about your particular challenge, we will provide you with multiple offer options all aimed at resolving your problem. If we’re not able to help in a way that benefits you, we will guide you to a resource that can.

We also work with individuals who are looking to provide for their future by creating streams of passive income through investing in real estate. Our investing clients are busy professionals who want to make their money work harder for them while they focus on building their careers and nest eggs. Our investor clients care about making a positive contribution to the world around them and at the same time, reduce their liabilities and build their net worth.

Why We Do What We Do?

Here at Next Chapter Property Solutions, we are in the business of solving problems. We have come to be known as the heart-centered team that is able to work through complex situations that no one else wants to tackle. We relish a challenge and even more so, relish the opportunity to help someone who needs assistance.

We are committed to creating win-win solutions for all of our clients. While we are in business to make a profit, of foremost importance is building honest and strong relationships that stand the test of time and referrals. We are in this business to solve painful problems involving real estate.

If you need help with a house you would like to get rid of, please call us at (240) 260-1238 or click here.