We help homeowners who are in distress due to life situations including illness, death, divorce, impending foreclosure, overdue property taxes, bankruptcy, and more. When life throws you a curveball (or several of them as it has a knack for doing), we can help. We’re experts at bringing resolution to difficult and “unfixable” situations. We take pride in solving problems so that everyone involved feels like they’ve come out on top.

Three areas where we specialize are:

Family Caregivers:

Being a caregiver for a loved one is a tough job. We’ve been working with families where an adult child is the primary caregiver for one or both parents. Caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s or Dementia, suffers strokes, Multiple Sclerosis or another debilitating illness is often a full-time job. Oftentimes, the family caregiver has to give up their income-producing job to take care of mom/dad. When this happens it actually makes life worse for everyone involved for a number of reasons. Putting it frankly: most caregivers struggle financially. There’s not a ton of financial assistance for caregivers available out there. We can help.

Many times what ends up happening is the caregiver ends up having to drain their life savings and when their loved one passes, they are left in financial ruin and facing starting their life over from scratch. Additionally, caregivers themselves become sicker as a result of the intense pressure they’re under emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. Unfortunately, they bear the burden alone because the help they expected to receive from brothers, sisters, and other family members often never comes. We help by providing a cash infusion to caregivers. If you’ve taken in a loved one and their house now sits empty, deteriorating and a target for vandals, we can take it off your hands in its current condition in exchange for cash. The best part is that the whole process from start to cash in your hands only takes about 30 days.

Property Tax Delinquent Homeowners:

Most people don’t buy a house with the idea that they’ll never pay their property taxes. The people we’ve met and worked with are hardworking individuals who made it their point to work hard and pay off their homes. The plan is to make it a forever home where they can live out the rest of their days. The upside is that we’re living longer and longer. The downside for many is that they outlive their income. Living on a fixed income like Social Security is no longer enough to cover many necessary expenses and one of the casualties ends up being paying property taxes. When left unpaid for a long enough time, the homeowner faces foreclosure for the property taxes.

Did you know that in many counties a property tax lien takes precedence over any other lien? That means that if someone forecloses for the taxes you owe and you have a mortgage, that mortgage will be wiped out…and so will your ownership of the property. We step in to help when a homeowner can’t pay their outstanding property taxes and is ready to move on. The only thing usually standing between where they are and moving on his having the money to do so. We pay the taxes and oftentimes the closing costs so that you can walk away with cash in hand to start your new chapter in life.

Probate/Inheritance (including dealing with outstanding  Reverse Mortgages):

Losing someone you love is painful in itself. To have that process dragged out is even worse. We work with people who have inherited a property due to the death of someone. Owning property is a gift–one that many people aren’t lucky enough to receive in a lifetime. So, when the opportunity is in front of us, we usually want to do the right thing. It’s a big responsibility that requires your time, effort, and of course you spending money to maintain it. For some, doing the right thing means keeping it in the family so that future generations can enjoy it. For others what seems to be a blessing can become a curse. What happens though when you can’t afford to keep the house? Or, what if you don’t want to keep the house because you already have too many responsibilities on your plate? Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if keeping it or selling it would be best for you.

  1. Is someone going to be living in the house who will take on the physical maintenance?
  2. Am I willing to pay for insurance to cover the house? Insurance companies typically won’t insure a vacant house. No insurance leaves you vulnerable to liabilities including vandals and trespassers, someone getting injured on your property, mechanical systems failing (like pipes bursting and flooding the house). Can you afford those risks?
  3. Do I want to commit to paying the property taxes for the property every year? If you don’t pay them you could lose the house to foreclosure due to the taxes.
  4. If I sell the house would the money be of greater benefit to the family than the house itself?
  5. Is there a mortgage still left on the house? If so, am I able to continue the monthly payments or pay it off completely?

It’s nervewracking and it’s not easy when you’re worried about making sure you honor the deceased’s wishes. We’ve worked through this dilemma with so many families before you. We know the ins-and-outs of probate and if you’re on the fence of which way to go, we can help you. Call us now at (240) 206-1238 or send us a note and we’ll get in touch with you.